The New Genres curriculum includes installation, video, film, audio, performance, digital, hybrid and emerging art forms. New Genres is a practice which begins with ideas and then moves to the appropriate form or media for that particular idea, sometimes inventing entirely new sites of cultural production, new methodologies, technologies, or genres in the process. The area gives emphasis to questioning preconceived notions of the role of art in culture and its relationship to a specific form or medium.

New Genres Area Location
New Genres is located on the second floor of the Broad Art Center.
NG Classrooms - 2122 & 2135
NG Editing Rooms - 2132 & 2136
NG Installation Spaces - 2145, 2147, 2138, and 2140
NG Viewing Room - 2118
Area Head Jennifer Bolande's Office - 2133
Professor Vishal Jugdeo's Office - 2139

New Genres Lab Supervisor
Dean Erdmann -
310.206.3888 - Room 2124

Equipment Returns:
Mondays & Thursdays 10am - 1pm

Equipment Checkout:
Mondays & Thursdays 2pm - 5pm

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 5.30 pm

donate your usefel used video cameras, AV or production equipment please!