looking for an artist/illustrator

We are looking for an artist/illustrator to help us with a novel math textbook for 1st and 2nd grade. We are two professors from UCLA Math Department, Dr. Olga Radko and Dr. Oleg Gleizer. The help we need is a few illustrations for the book and the design of a book cover. Since the book consists of two workbooks for children and a Teacher’s Companion, we actually need three book covers with similar, but different, designs.

The book, called Math Adventures with Los Angeles Math Circle, is a part of a series. The first part, called Breaking Numbers into Parts (BNP), is already published and selling on Amazon. We need the book covers for the new book to have the design similar to that of the BNP. We need the illustrator of the second book to be able to “grow” the characters illustrating the first book. Our idea is that as our readers grow, so do the book characters. We have all the illustrations for the BNP and full copyright. The illustrator/artist we are looking for should be able to continue from where the previous illustrator stopped. The illustrator should be familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and should be able to develop existing characters, in addition to creating some new ones.

We require a copyright waiver on the part of the artist.

If interested, please contact Oleg Gleizer at prof1140g@math.ucla.edu .

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