Karan Kothari and Dhruv Korde Charity Art Auction


A Charity Art Exhibition and Auction for the benefit of Syrian Refugees

Dear Bruins,

It is no secret that art not only adds beauty to our lives, but it also reflects the cultural, social, and political values of our time. Art’s ability to mirror the current state of society has tremendous potential to serve as a vehicle to influence change; it can subtly dissolve the most poisonous stereotypes, bring alive the vibrant perspective of the artists, and lastly – it can shed light on people and places that do not deserve to be forgotten.

More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in four-and-a-half years of armed conflict, which began with anti-government protests before escalating into a full-scale civil war. More than 11 million others, including 8 million children, have been forced away from their homes . While national governments, international peace-keeping organizations, and renowned think tanks across the world are busy with their rigorous diplomacy and strategies, we thought we could do our part to help.

We believe that getting involved and taking advantage of UCLA’s tremendous artistic talent can be the engine of this change we want to bring about. Therefore, we intend on spearheading a charitable auction/ fundraiser – a day long event to be held tentatively in the month of May – that will not only promote the talent, brilliance, and compassion of you artistic minds from our campus, but will also shed light on a very, very relevant international crisis.

Since ALL material costs will be borne by us, we humbly invite you to share with us only your time, talent, and passion. This could be through your creation of paintings, sculptures, photography, drawing and illustration, digital media, or another creative installation that is inspired or influenced by some aspect of the Refugee Crisis.

Each artwork in this catalog will be carefully curated with great respect for artists who will so generously contribute, and we are in the process of negotiating an “Auction Preview” (to take place one week before the auction in May) at an acclaimed art gallery in Los Angeles to promote awareness of your skill and empathy towards the cause. Furthermore, all proceeds from the sale of the artworks will be transferred directly to a non-profit organization that works closely with refugee children in camps across Europe.

If you would like to be on board, kindly revert back to either Dhruv ( dhruvkorde@ucla.edu ) or Karan ( kkothari@ucla.edu ). As this auction is time bound, we request you to send an email expressing your interest as soon as possible – this will help us to estimate the budget and effectively allocate the showcasing space for your work.

We hope to carry this venture forward to the success and recognition it deserves in an increasingly divisive time such as ours.


Karan Kothari and Dhruv Korde      


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