Art for Bruin Shelter

My name is Rebecca Sarvady. I’m the social media director for Bruin Shelter and a third-year English student at UCLA. Bruin Shelter is a student run homeless shelter for college students facing housing insecurity. We are a registered non-profit and our inaugural fall season which will house 9 residents in a facility in Santa Monica begins this upcoming Sunday. You can read all about us here:

All of our furniture, beds, etc. are moved in, but we would love to get some art on the walls and I thought that there would be no better place to get art than from UCLA students. We we reimburse for any reprinting cost and each student work will have a plaque next to it to give the artist full credit. In addition to knowing that your art will make this shelter a more comfortable, homey place for residents, you should know that your art could get some possible media coverage as several major news outlets have already reached out to us and asked if they could take pictures and videos of our shelter space.

If interested, please email me at Thank you!



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