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The Pit

Founded in 2014 by artists Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder, The Pit is a contemporary art gallery representing emerging and mid-career artists who work in a variety of mediums. The Pit also organizes wide-ranging group exhibitions both in-house and off-site and publishes an ongoing series of Risograph artists’ books and editions. Housed in a former mechanic's shop, The Pit comprises a zine shop and three exhibition spaces: The Pit, The Pit II, and The Pit Presents, a new initiative of gallery residencies and exchanges that debuted in November 2018.


Elevator Mondays

ELEVATOR MONDAYS is an artist-run curatorial project inside a converted freight elevator founded by Don Edler. The project focuses on bringing together working artists in a social exhibition space to foster dialogue and community through exhibitions and special programing.

1026 Venice Boulevard, Suite E
Los Angeles, CA 90015
IG @elevatormondays
Mondays Hours: Mondays from 7 to 10pm and by appointment

Bel Ami

Bel Ami was founded in the Summer of 2016 by Naoki Sutter-Shudo and Sabrina Tarasoff.

709 N. Hill Street (inside Asian Center)
Suite 105 (upstairs) Los Angeles, CA 90012
T +1 323 533 5934
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12 to 6pm

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive is an artist-run archive and non-circulating library in which contemporary creative processes are recorded and preserved. Our goal is the study and dissemination of materials documenting contemporary art production. Challenging established concepts of the archive and art space, LACA sustains a unique experimental environment for critical inquiry, artistic research, and public dialogue. LACA is a registered nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive view into artistic activity today. Unlike most traditional archives that document a selective past, our collection emphasizes the contemporary moment. In keeping with this, LACA only acquires materials produced around or after its founding in 2013. Our collection emphasizes art from Los Angeles, though is not limited to it as we acknowledge Los Angeles’ increasing engagement with artist networks internationally.

Asian Center 709 N. Hill Street
Suites 104 to 108 (upstairs)
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T +1 805 479 2939
IG @lacarchive
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12 to 6pm; Monday to Friday by appointment only


An artist and curator-run exhibition space in an old plumbing parts store.

2130 Valley Boulevard
Alhambra, CA 91803
T +1 646 417 2640
IG @potts_alhambra
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 1 to 6pm, and by appointment

Grice Bench

3423 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
T +1 323 522 3323
IG @gricebench
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 6pm


JOAN is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit space for exhibitions, performances, and screenings with a focus on emerging and under-represented artists.

1206 Maple Avenue, Suite 715
Los Angeles, CA 90015
T +1 213 441 9009
IG @joanlosangeles
Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12 to 6pm, and by appointment


BBQLA is a migrating installation conceived by Timo Fahler, Thomas Linder, and Adam Beris in 2015. BBQLA hosts creative programs in various locations based on a collective agreement and curated by either the BBQLA team or through collaborative efforts. Current show hosted by ArtMovementLA:

2049 S. Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90021
T +1 918 633 9444
IG & @bbqla.afa
Hours: Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm, Saturday 1 to 6pm, and by appointment

Pio Pico

Founded by Federico Spadoni, Pio Pico is a unique multi-room space where artists create large-scale exhibitions in a collaborative environment.

3311 East Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90023
T +1 323 645 5955
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12 to 5pm

South Willard

970 N. Broadway (inside the Mandarin Plaza)
Suite 205 (to the right, upstairs)
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T +1 323 653 6153
IG @southwillard
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 5pm (mostly small scale works and ceramics)


Gallery1993 is an exhibition space in a Ford Crown Victoria car that focuses on activation of contemporary art through motion.

T +1 617 735 7625
IG @gallery1993
Hours: please call to schedule an appointment; Seymour will pick you up in his car, the body and cabin of which function as an art space**

AWHRHWAR Animals With Human Rights Humans With Animal Rights

6074 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90042
IG @awhrhwar
Hours: Thursdays 8 to 10pm, Saturdays 1 to 5pm, and by appointment

Human Resources

Human Resources was founded in 2010 by a team of creative individuals who seek to broaden engagement with contemporary and conceptual art, with an emphasis on performative and underexposed modes of expression. Human Resources is not-for-profit and seeks to foster widespread public appreciation of the performative arts by encouraging maximum community access. Human Resources also serves as a point of convergence for diverse and disparate art communities to engage in conversation and idea-sharing promoting the sustainability of non-traditional art forms.

410 Cottage Home Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
IG @humanresourcesla
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 6pm (may vary according to the exhibition or event)

The Mistake Room

The Mistake Room (TMR) is a platform for art, ideas, and practices fueled by radical imagination. Working with artists, thinkers, and makers from around the globe, TMR strives to investigate new ways of being and knowing while transforming how people access, experience and engage with culture.

1811 E 20 Street
Los Angeles, CA
IG @themistakeroom

Coaxial Arts

Coaxial Arts Foundation is a non-profit multi-disciplinary media arts organization devoted to the support of media, sound and performance art. Coaxial provides residencies, studio space, technical support and public exhibition space for live events to showcase underground artists whose works are often not exhibited in galleries as ephemeral art is not conducive to the gallery sales system. Coaxial activates a community of experimental media, sound and performance artists through commissions, events, workshops, live TV tapings, and exhibitions through the foundation’s downtown Los Angeles studio space.

1815 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90016
T +1 213 536 8020
IG @coaxialarts
Hours: Event-based

123 Astronaut

123 Astronaut is an art gallery in a kiosk in Downtown, LA.

Kiosk #1
123 Astronaut Ellison E. Onizuka Street (at the corner of E. 2nd Street and San Pedro Street)
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T +1 323 918 6128
IG @123astronautgallery
Hours: Thursday to Sunday 12 to 6pm

Red Zone

Founded by Pedro Verdin and Alex Perrin in the summer of 2018, Red Zone is a project space in Highland Park, Los Angeles. They show contemporary art work in a storage unit, behind a car park underneath a residential building. The space has concrete walls and floor with exposed pipes including the functioning sewer pipe for the building. Because of the unique architecture, artists are encouraged to take advantage of the permanent features. For each show the space has evolved and taken new form to fit the needs of the work.

840 Chestnut Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
T +1 415 837 3313
Hours: Saturdays 12 to 4pm and by appointment


202 S. Avenue 19
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Hours: Sunday 12 to 6pm and by appointment

Other Places of Interest (East Side)

Now Instant Image Hall

(Cinema, Project Space & Bookstore)
5319 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90042
IG @now_instant
Please check website for Hours and Events

Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga started in 2004 as a tiny shop in Chinatown Los Angeles specializing in independent art, books, music, and clothing. Over the past decade-and-half we have organized events, performances, film screenings, and readings at this space and in satellite projects elsewhere such as Swiss Institute NY, Kadist Foundation SF, and Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Philadelphia.

We occasionally publish books, zines, records, tapes, and art editions. In 2008, we created a free online database of art book printers, in response to frequent requests from our customers for advice on book publishing and art printing.

943 N. Broadway #203 (upstairs above Wonder Bakery)
Los Angeles, CA 90012
T +1 213 617 1105
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 6pm



Independent, nonprofit art space showcasing contemporary & experimental art, lectures & events.

7000 Santa Monica Blvd,
West Hollywood, CA 90038
Tues-Sat 11-6pm


Founded in 1978 by a core group of committed artists, LACE is an internationally recognized pioneer among art institutions. LACE is a nonprofit venue that exhibits and advocates for innovations in art-making and public engagement. Uniquely positioned among commercial galleries and major art establishments at the heart of Hollywood as a free, open to the public experimental space, LACE has nurtured not only several generations of young artists, but also emerging art forms such as performance art, video art, digital art, and installations. LACE presents significant and timely exhibitions, performances, and public projects, which are complemented by education initiatives.

6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Wed-Sun. 12-6pm


4220 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029
T +1 323 741 8237
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 6pm, and by appointment

From the Desk of Lucy Bull

From the Desk of Lucy Bull is a desk-top exhibition space curated by Lucy Bull.

967 North Kingsley Drive
Los Angeles, CA
T+1 845 596 6513
IG @fromthedeskoflucybull
Hours: By appointment

Bad Reputation

2007 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 729
Los Angeles, CA 90057
T +1 775 636 1734
IG @badreputation_fine_art
Hours: Thursday to Saturday, 1 to 6pm and by appointment**
** Parking available in the lot behind the building


O-Town House is a new exhibition space in Los Angeles started by curator Scott Cameron Weaver in July2018. O-Town House was founded upon a commitment to exploring models and modes for the production andpresentation of art today. With its small, flexible exhibition space, O-Town House is host to a variety ofart and events that hope to encourage dialogues with artists and the community in Los Angeles.

672 S. Lafayette Park Place
Suite 44 (access the building via the callbox at the gate: call O-Town House)
Los Angeles, CA 90057
T +1 213 263 9428
IG @otownhouse
Hours: Thursday to Saturday 1 to 7pm, and by appointment

Visitor Welcome Center

Exploring layers of potential & finding ways to be together

3006 W. 7th Street
Suite 200A
Los Angeles, CA 90005
T +1 213 703 1914
IG @visitorwelcomecenter
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 6pm and by appointment

Commonwealth & Council

Commonwealth and Council is a gallery in Koreatown, Los Angeles founded in 2010. The program is rooted in a commitment to explore how a community of artists can sustain co-existence through generosity and hospitality. Commonwealth and Council celebrates manifold identities and experiences through the shared dialogue of art—championing practices by women, queer, POC, and ally artists to build counter-histories that reflect individual and collective realities.

3006 W 7th Street
Suite 220
Los Angeles, CA 90005
T +1 213 703 9077
IG @commonwealthandcouncil
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 6pm and by appointment

The Cabin

Collector and artist Danny First built a 10-by-12-foot gallery in his Hancock Park backyard using the exact shape and dimensions of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's Montana cabin — down to the plywood patches out front. Please RSVP for location and appointment (located near the intersection of Highland Avenue & Melrose Avenue)

T +1 323 559 2346 (Danny First)
Hours: By appointment only

The Underground Museum

3508 W. Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90018
T +1 323 989 9925
IG @theundergroundmuseum
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 12 to 7pm

Mother Culture

Mother Culture is a platform for contemporary art and media, staging exhibitions internationally and hosting editorialized music, fashion, art, content and commentary.

899 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Art & Practice

Conceived and founded by artist Mark Bradford, philanthropist and collector Eileen Harris Norton, and social activist Allan DiCastro, Art + Practice (A+P) is a foundation based in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. A+P has two areas of focus: an exhibition space for museum-curated contemporary art and a public program space for moderated art lectures and discussions organized to coincide with exhibitions on view A space where foster youth may receive life-skills training, access to housing opportunities, and individualized education and employment support via its foster youth service collaborator, First Place for Youth.

3401 W. 43rd Place
Los Angeles, CA 90008
T: +1 323 337 6887
IG @artandpractice
Hours: Monday to Saturday 12 to 6pm

Corita Art Center

Corita Kent (1918-86), also known as Sister Mary Corita, was an artist with an innovative approach to design and education. By the 1960s, her vibrant serigraphs were drawing international acclaim. Corita’s work reflected her concerns about poverty, racism, and war, and her messages of peace and social justice continue to resonate with audiences today. The Corita Art Center is a gallery and archive dedicated to preserving and promoting the work and spirit of artist, activist and educator, Corita Kent.

5515 Franklin Avenue**
Los Angeles, CA 90028
T: +1 323 450 4650
IG @coritaartcenter
Hours: Friday 10 to 6pm
**The street address for the Corita Art Center is 5515 Franklin Ave, however the entrance to the Corita Art Center is more easily accessible if you enter the following address into your ride-sharing app: 2021 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Off-site street parking is usually available on Fern Dell Drive, towards Griffith Park.


ANNEX at M+B is an exhibition space dedicated to applied arts. The space is a joint effort between M+B and Jay Ezra Nayssan, founder of Del Vaz Projects. Since its opening in January 2018, ANNEX has exposed over 120 artists who have embraced a broader, more interdisciplinary intention to making.

612 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90069
T: +1 310 550 0605
IG @annex_la
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm

Other Points of Interest (Central LA)

Coffee for Sasquatch

7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
T +1 323 424 7980
E info@coffeeforsasquatch.combr /> <a href=""</a>
IG @coffee.forsasquatch
Hours: Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm; Sunday 7am to 6pm

Langer’s (Delicatessen-Restaurant)

Old-fashioned delicatessen serving up hot pastrami sandwiches & other traditional comfort food since 1947. Langer's is the proud recipient of the coveted James Beard Foundation Award.

704 South Alvarado
Los Angeles, CA 90057
T +1 213 483 8050
Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm

Langer’s maintains its own, monitored parking lot at the northeast corner of 7th Street and Westlake, one block east of our restaurant location. Parking is validated for 90 minutes; please get the ticket from the attendant and have it stamped by the cashier when you leave.

Here’s Looking at You (Restaurant-Cocktails)

Progressive Social Food in Koreatown
3901 W 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020
T +1 213 568 3573
IG @hereslookingatyoula
Hours: Dinner Sunday to Thursday 6 to 10pm; Friday & Saturday 6 to 11pm Brunch on Saturday and Sunday 10.30am to 2.30pm Valet parking is available


Casa Perfect

The Los Angeles outpost of design gallery The Future Perfect, founded in 2003 by David Alhadeff, is located in a home once owned by Elvis Presley in the Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills. RSVP for address and appointment

T +1 323 202 2025
IG @thefutureperfect
Hours: By appointment only; to book please visit


As part of their new office in Santa Monica, HGA Architects has created a gallery space called Euclid that they offer to artists and gallerists for special projects. Its mission is to offer a flexible format for new artistic expression, showcasing the work of artists across a wide range of practices.

1301 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404
T +1 310 557 7600
Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

Five Car Garage

A gallery in a converted five car garage founded by Emma Gray RSVP for address (in Santa Monica, near Venice) and appointment

T +1 310 497 6895
IG @fivecargarage
Hours: By appointment

Team (bungalow)

The Los Angeles project space of New York’s Team gallery. Located in a classic Venice Beach bungalow.

306 Windward Avenue
Venice, CA 90291
T +1 310 339 1945
IG @teamgal and @team_bungalow
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 6pm

Other Places of Interest (west side)

Gjusta (Deli, Bakery, Café, Market)

Gjusta is a California deli, bakery, café, and market influenced by traditional East Coast Delis, European Markets, and Parisian Bakeries. Gjusta sources nearly all of its fresh produce directly from SoCal farmers and most of the meat and seafood from local ranchers, fishermen, and co-ops. We shop at 5 farmers markets throughout the week and receive deliveries daily, ensuring we always have fresh product. Our relationships with our vendors are paramount, as they are not only mutually beneficial, they enact a positive change in our contemporary food system.

320 Sunset Avenue
Venice, CA 90291
+1 310 314 0320
Hours: 7am to 10pm daily

Arcana: Books on the Arts

A bookstore in Culver City specializing in new, rare and out of print books, catalogues and ephemera on 20th and 21st century Photography, Art, Design, Architecture, Fashion, Cinema, Culinaria and Music. Since 1984.

8675 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
T +1 310 458 1499
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 7pm
Free parking is available in the lot directly outside our door (at the rear of 8675 Washington Boulevard).

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