Summer Sessions 2018

(Schedule subject to change)

Classes open for:

Session A: June 25-August 3

Art 11E - Beginning Ceramics - M/W/F - 11:30am-3:50 pm
Instructor: Robert Miller
Introduction to ceramic materials and processes, with emphasis on personal and cultural expression in ceramic media. Discussion of ceramics in contemporary artistic practice and social history of ceramic art. 4 units.

Art 133 - Advanced Painting - M/W/F - 12:30-4:50pm
Instructor: Nick Lowe
Course covers varied media and subjects to further develop students' technical and expressive means to implement their ideas. 5 units.

Session C: August 6-September 14

Art 11B - Beginning Photography - M/W/F - 8:30am-12:50pm
Instructor: Lisa Ohlweiler
Fundamentals in technique, with emphasis on individual projects. Varied approaches, processes, and applications of photographic medium within context of art, supported by studies in theory, aesthetics, and history of photography. 4 units.

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