Instructional Materials Fee
All students enrolled in Sculpture classes must pay an Instructional Materials Fee. This fee is quarterly, and allows you access to equipment rental, and usage of tools and equipment related to the practice of sculpture.

Courses Offered
Beginning Sculpture | ART 1B
Studio, eight hours; five hours arranged. Introduction to concepts and forms of contemporary sculpture to become familiar with tools and material to enable students to visually manifest their individual ideas. Presentation of work of contemporary artists.
Advanced Sculpture | ART 145
Studio, eight hours; seven hours arranged. Requisite: course 1B. Selected studies in sculpture, historical and contemporary: modeling, carving, casting, welding, and other media; forms in space, including installations and non-studio pieces. May be repeated for a maximum of 20 units.
Independent Projects | ART 197 or 198

Resource Room
The Sculpture Resource Room is located in Room 1256D. It contains over 3,000 books and catalogues in addition to an extensive collection of art periodicals.
The Resource Room also serves as a screening room outfitted with digital projector and surround sound. Computers and printers are also available for student use.
In addition to these resources, the Sculpture Area also maintains a collection of over 9,000 slides. The collection is currently being digitized.

White Room
The Sculpture Area also includes a large critique and exhibition space. At over 1,000 sq. feet, outfitted with unistrut for easy rigging, and with plywood backed walls, the White Room provides an extremely flexible infrastructure for student work.