Carmen Argote, MFA Exhibition installation, 2007.

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'Keep in Touch' features renderings of sensory theme
A massive 600-pound pile of simple, shiny construction materials sits in the room. It is a physical piece of art - a hand-built coffin encrusted in nails, called "Brilliant Finish," created by Patch Wright, a sculpture student at Claremont Graduate University. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 10-7-13
Forging Connections: Sculpture cements connection between South Dakota, Los Angeles youth
Bridget Beck thinks of art as a way to bring people together.
The graduate art student unveiled her latest sculpture, called "Will Be," last week alongside teenagers from Los Angeles and South Dakota. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 8-5-13
Award Exhibition for fine arts students expresses talent of recipients
Discarded bird wings clutter the floor, a whimsical golden cage stands as a fortress in the distance and a pair of black headphones suspend from the ceiling. This is not a garage sale; the items on display are not trash. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 12-3-12
Art exhibit features varied works
As part of an ongoing exhibition that will run until the 17th, the UCLA Department of Art is showcasing the work of graduating master of fine arts students. The gallery will feature an array of art through different mediums ranging from sculpture to photography. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 11-2-12
UCLA's summer classes draw more high school students
If you think you might be getting old because the college students you're seeing on campus this summer are looking a lot younger, fear not. They really are younger. [Summer Art Institute] -- Read the UCLA Today article. Posted 8-16-12
MFA students' solo projects culminate in final exhibition
Installment, painting, sculpture and still life. Four different art forms from four different artists, all encapsulated in one exhibition. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 5-7-12
Masters of Artistic Expression
Art exhibition showcases 17 graduate students' works in a variety of media, from hand-made ceramics to films

Gallery manager Ben Evans, who has worked for weeks to coordinate with the students about installing their pieces, said this exhibition will mark the first time the class will showcase their work in a professional, installed space. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 11-1-11
Curated by UCLA graduate students 'Circulate, Exchange: Nugget & Gravy' features works inspired by the marketplace
Co-curators Mathiew Greenfield and Christine Wang, both art graduate students at UCLA, found inspiration for the show in an art history seminar they took together last year called “Exchange Rate.” -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 9-22-11
Final MFA exhibition's works explore blurred boundaries of real, abstract
Today's culminating MFA 4 exhibition at the New Wight Gallery expresses worlds between conceptual realms. Paintings and sculptures by the 2011 master of fine art students Max Rain, Ryan Sluggett and JungHwa Lee linger between boundaries of the implicit and the explicit, the abstract of dream worlds and a concrete reality. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 4-28-11

Grad students show final works in MFA Exhibition #3
As the MFA Exhibition #3 draws near, graduate photography student Alexis Hudgins grows anxious regarding her final work as a UCLA student. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 4-13-11

Exhibition to showcase Master of Fine Arts' students works
When second-year graduate painting student Sanya Kantarovsky traveled to Moscow, he was unfamiliar with the way museums were set up in comparison to a western style museum. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 3-31-11

Graduate Students to Exhibit Their Artwork at the Art MFA Exhibition #1
Jeffrey Hastings, a third-year graduate student in art, once created a to-scale replica of a baseball pitcher's mound out of two tons worth of unfired clay and decomposed granite. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 3-3-11

UCLA Undergraduate Juried Exhibition is now in session
Third-year Art student Michael Russell can finally access his record player now that his large work of art, "Untitled Bible Study #1" is in the New Wight Gallery rather than his room. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 2-14-11

Art Student Claire Kohne transforms studio into installation project
Just a few floors away from Untitled Cafe, Claire Kohne, a fourth-year art student, opens the leaf-decorated walls of her art studio to art, conversation and surprisingly affordable coffee. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 2-7-11

Artist Laura Owens to discuss her paintings for UCLA Hammer Museum's lecture seriesArt viewers may be missing out when they rely on a computer screen for their tenuous dose of fine art. Laura Owens, artist and invited lecturer at UCLA, addressed this concern as she prepared for the UCLA Hammer Museum lecture tonight. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 2-3-11

Graduate Open Studios to feature student art pieces in Warner Building
45,000 square feet of empty studio space. 40 art students. No constraints. For a few hours this weekend, students and public alike will be able to preview the fruits of all of UCLA’s art graduate students’ labor. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 11-29-10

Undergraduate Scholarship Award Exhibition honors art students by featuring their works
From an oil painting on canvas to a wall-sized wooden installation, the Undergraduate Scholarship Award Exhibition at the New Wight Gallery in the Broad Art Center will feature a broad variety of media and artistic styles. Yet the pieces all have one thing in common: They were created by undergraduates who received scholarships from the School of the Arts and Architecture for the 2010-2011 school year. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 11-18-10

Painting Outside the Lines
Where are tomorrow's art superstars? The freshest new work? For many in the L.A. art world, the answer is the Warner Graduate Art Studios in Culver City. -- Read UCLA Magazine article. Posted 10-1-10

MFA 2010 Exhibition displays work of graduates at New Wight Gallery
The works being displayed include paintings, sculptures, photography and video from the 20 students who are graduating in spring 2010. Yet, the exhibition is not only a way for people to learn about the works of UCLA MFA students. It is also a learning experience for these students as well. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 11-3-09

"Without" displays art with diverse roots
"Without," the department’s 2009 biennial exhibition, serves to showcase the curatorial skills of graduate students within the master of fine arts program. Meleko Mokgosi, a second-year master of fine arts student, proposed the year’s theme and said that he wanted to explore the different manifestations of what can be loosely termed as “non-Western art,” or artwork which originates from locations such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 10-5-09

In Memoriam - Henry T. Hopkins: Retired art department chair, Hammer director
Henry T. Hopkins, a prominent leader in the arts who at various times led the Hammer Museum at UCLA and the San Francisco Museum of Art — which was renamed the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art during his stewardship — has died. He was 81. -- Read press release. Posted 9-28-09

Art staff's talent extends beyond classroom, lab
Their creations are as diverse as their disciplines. Ben Evans, for example, explores the spectrum of light in his latest painting and the fourth dimension of space in his new sculpture. Steven Simon's sculptures examine the vulnerability and visual brilliance of coral reefs. -- Read UCLA Today article. Posted 8-31-09

In Memoriam - Werner Z. Hirsch
Werner Z. Hirsch, a UCLA economist for 46 years who wrote the first U.S. textbook on the economics of state and local government and guided California leaders in higher education on many issues, died July 10 at home in Los Angeles. He was 89. -- Read UCLA Today article. Posted 7-17-09

Art of the upperclassmen
On Monday, undergraduates scrambled through the New Wight Gallery, finding spots to place their artwork for the undergraduate exhibition "Entitled," which runs June 4-13. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 6-7-09

Alumna showcases the art in recycling
The fast track to success may not always be the best way to get there.
This is what Annie Lapin learned as she took her time finding her way to UCLA's master's program in art. A 2007 graduate, now she is a well-regarded young painter with the upcoming installation "Parallel Deliria Iteration" that runs May 31 through Sept. 20 at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 5-18-09

Exhibit leaps across mediums and genres
Scholarship recipients hope to share diverse works of art with campus community
What do flying deer, a rap music video and animal bones have in common? Nothing, except the fact that they are all featured in the Undergraduate Scholarship Award Exhibition, which prides itself on its diversity of media and content. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 11-20-08

Summer Art Institute at Broad invites high school students to explore a college-level experienceThe UCLA Broad Art Center was home to a much younger set of art students this summer when high school students took a stab at college-level art classes. The UCLA Department of Art held its first Summer Art Institute aimed at teaching students photography, painting, sculpture, and video art. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 8-3-08

Obituary: William Brice, 86, noted artist and longtime UCLA professor
William Brice, an abstract artist and retired UCLA faculty member, died March 3 in Los Angeles. -- Read full press release. Posted 3-19-08

Professors receive Guggenheim grants
Art Professor Jennifer Bolande, wins Guggenheim fellowship. Bolande plans to use her fellowship to create two new works using photography, sculpture, collage, projected images, and possibly film, sound and installation, according to a university press release. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 4-24-07

School of the Arts and Architecture at UCLA Appoints Scholar, Curator and Author Russell Ferguson Chair of the Department of Art.
Christopher Waterman, dean of the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, announced today the appointment of Russell Ferguson as professor and chair of the UCLA Department of Art, effective Jan. 1. -- Read full press release. Posted 11-29-06

Art and Design | Media Arts Exhibitions to Highlight the Opening of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Center at UCLA on September 14
Exhibitions of works by world-renowned artists who are members of the faculty in the UCLA Department of Art and the UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts will highlight the opening of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Center at UCLA. -- Read full press release. Posted 7-21-06

Art students showcase their years of hard work at UCLA with eclectic, multimedia exhibition
"Kinross High" is a name that evokes nostalgic images of high school yearbooks and homecoming games, not an art exhibit featuring work from more than 50 senior undergraduates in the UCLA Art Department. -- Read Daily Bruin article. Posted 2-9-06

UCLA Faculty and Alumni Artists to Participate in Los Angeles 1955-1985, a Major Art Exhibition at Centre Pompidou in Paris
Faculty and alumni artists from UCLA will be represented in Los Angeles 1955-1985, a major exhibition opening at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on March 8 and running through July 17, 2006. The retrospective celebrates Los Angeles’ impact on the arts and culture in the second half of the 20th century and marks the “coming of age” of the city as a world center for the arts. -- Link to full press release. Posted 3-7-06