Submission Opportunity – Art Share LA

Art Share L.A. is a nonprofit gallery, artist residence, and performance space in the heart of the Arts District that serves emerging artists based in Los Angeles by providing a platform for up and coming creators to exhibit, perform, reside, and develop.

They have two upcoming shows that are slated for March and April of 2019, and the deadline to submit is January 11th, 2019.

The March show is called Female Gaze:

  • Art Share L.A.’s Female Gaze presents our experience as females, femme-identifying, non-binary, and ally communities in 2019 by staging a public forum for an on ongoing dialogue. What does the world look like through our gaze? And how that inevitably influences our creative practice.
  • Submission link:

The April show is called Tactile: Textiles & Radical Crafting:

  • Art Share L.A. is excited to present Tactile: Textiles & Radical Crafting. We’re happily watching the erosion of the arbitrary boundary between craft and art, as well as the dissolution of gender-based designations of appropriate mediums, as a renewed current interest in the handmade, slow and maker culture continues to expand its own definitions — into the political, metaphysical, and beyond.
  • Submission link:

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