Livestream your art on Twitch Creative

Hello fellow bruins! My name is Sarah and I’m a part of the creative team at Twitch, a place to share your creative process live with a like-minded and passionate audience. From robotics to painting, sculpting to cooking, music to digital illustration there are so many unique forms of art that our creators share on the platform with millions of other fans. To broadcast, all you need is a computer, a webcam, and a project to share!

Part of the excitement of sharing your work on Twitch Creative is that it allows you to connect with your fans in a fun and engaging way. Our platform offers many tools to help you showcase your projects (live and recorded) and grow a unique community of support around your work.

Because there is a large array of tools that Twitch Creative offers to its content creators, there are many different ways to utilize the platform depending on the broadcaster’s goals. While the platform is free to use and free to watch, there are several ways artists can use Twitch Creative to monetize their artistic processes. Broadcasters can also use the platform as a live portfolio, showing off both their finished work and their process.

If you have any questions about Twitch Creative or are interested in livestreaming, feel free to reach out to me (, and I’ll be happy to personally help you set up a stream that works best for your goals as an artist. I’m eager to help my fellow bruin artists with how to get started as well as best practices and tools for success! I also recommend taking a peek at the Creative Directory to see which artists are live now (

Livestreaming on Twitch Creative is a fun way to grow your brand by sharing your artistic process with others, and I hope to see more UCLA artists showing off their work live. Wishing you the best in your creative endeavors!


Sarah “Xephyr” Lahti

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