The Interdisciplinary Studio area combines artistic production and directed research to support the development of site- and debate-specific forms of critical cultural engagement that extend beyond the framework of individual studio practice. ID students may work across artistic mediums, academic disciplines, and social concerns and are encourage to take advantage of UCLA's extensive academic resources over their three-year course of study.


Interdisciplinary Studio was established as an area of study in 1997 by Mary Kelly during her tenure as Art Department Chair. Kelly created ID in response to what she saw as a growing demand among young artists for a graduate program in which they could pursue project-based work driven by social purpose and grounded in interdisciplinary research. Andrea Fraser took over as Area Head in 2017. ID alumni have worked in painting, sculpture, photography, installation, film, video, text, sound, performance, theater, dance, music, architecture, food, law, chemistry, social practice, community organizing, human rights advocacy, and political activism. They include Ph.D.s and Ph.D. candidates from UC Berkeley, Harvard and Brown; founders of activist groups, dance companies, journals, foundations, and archives; participants Documenta, the Whitney Biennial, PERFORMA, and the Sundance Film Festival; recipients of Herb Alpert and Mohn Awards, Guggenheim Fellowships, and Foundation for Contemporary Art Grants; and faculty at art schools and universities across the United States and Europe.