In Practice

Art Staff Biennial Exhibition

August 31September 16, 2011
Opening Reception: Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 5:008:30pm

Chris Bassett
Ed Beller
Ben Evans
Helga Fassonaki
Whitney Hubbs
Julie Orser
Jared Pankin
Steven Simon
Lisa Sitko

The exhibition is the fourth of its kind—showcasing the talents of the Department of Art’s support staff who not only supervise the daily operations of the various genres, but also have their own art practices.
Their works are as diverse as their disciplines—including new work by Fassonaki exploring musician idol worship by means of a Patti Smith song; Sitko's sculpture considers the gesture of negotiation; Hubbs presents uncanny photographs and videos that render the mundane into the spectacular; Orser’s video questions sound and image relationships in a humorous reenactment of a western-themed catfight; Evans’ sculptures sketch out space beyond the third dimension and explore permutations of the picture plane; Bassett’s prints describe the historical fiction of intercostal rivalries; Simon's sculptures and photographs examine his artistic and political masturbation; Pankin’s sculptures reference the art of Bonsai; and, Beller’s conceptual installation threatens to become unhinged from its contextual background.

Julie Orser, Bottleneck, HD video still

Chris Bassett, Henry Ford beneath Briggs Stadium, 1912, mixed media
Ben Evans, Klein Bottle Rack (right handed ver.), steel

Ed Beller, Art Staff, Art, installation view

Lisa Sitko, wall installation, Dipping down, down, up, over & out, drywall, paint, pencil, gold leaf

Steven Simon, Sketch, reed

Helga Fassonaki, Free Money, ink on paper and audio installation
Jared Pankin, Phluphy, foam, glue, wood, epoxy, fake teeth Whitney Hubbs, Untitled, silver gelatin print

Ed Beller, The Cadence of Art, installation view
Lisa Sitko, the magic and reality of the trickle down, from the Gesture of Negotiation series; concrete, metal, ceramic, epoxy Steven Simon, May, 1968 (detail), stool, photo, pumice

Chris Bassett, The MC5 Backstage at Grande Ballroom, 1968, mixed media
Jared Pankin, I On U, foam, glue, wood, epoxy and glass eye Lisa Sitko, holding on tight as the sparkler goes and the pain begins, from the Gesture of Negotiation series; concrete, metal, PC7

Julie Orser, Bottleneck, HD video still
Whitney Hubbs, Untitled, gelatin silver print, 16" x 20"
Jared Pankin, Tiger's Wood, foam, glue, wood, epoxy, glass eye, fake teeth and acrylic paint

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