Instructional Materials Fee

All students enrolled in Ceramics classes must pay an instructional materials fee each quarter. As of January 2012, the fee is $65 and is payable to UC Regents. The fee includes access to mixed glazes, dry clay and glaze materials, firings and lab equipment and tools. Mixed clay from Laguna Clay is availble in the studio for $7 per 25 pound bag. Other materials and supplies, such as epoxy glue and dust masks, are also available for purchase.

Courses offered

Beginning Ceramics | Art 11E
Studio, eight hours; five hours arranged. Introduction to ceramic materials and processes, with emphasis on personal and cultural expression in ceramic media. Discussion of ceramics in contemporary artistic practice and social history of ceramic art. Letter grading.

Advanced Ceramics | Art 148
Studio, eight hours; seven hours arranged. Requisite: course 11E. Selected studies in ceramics, with emphasis on individualized creative experimentation with materials and techniques introduced in course. Methods and processes to be selected from range of possibilities, including handforming and modeling, preparation and use of molds, slipcasting, and use of potter’s wheel. May be repeated for maximum of 20 units. Letter grading.

Individual Studies | Art 197 or 198
Please see course catalog or discuss with an instructor for more information.

Ceramics Lab Policy and Procedures

Policies current as of January 2012
Download a copy here.

1. There is a $65.00 instructional Materials fee to be paid to the UC Regents. Please pay this by the end of the second week of the quarter.

2. Clay may be purchased from the Lab at $7.00 a bag. Please put your name and the type of clay on the bag. All clay is to be stored in your locker.

3. Lockers are available in the Ceramics Lab. Label your Locker with your name and the quarter. You may put any lock on your locker you choose. All personal items and work must be removed from the Ceramics Lab by the end of the Quarter or it will be disposed of.

4. Students, Staff and Faculty are not permitted to use any lab equipment, machinery, etc. unless properly trained by an authorized Staff or Faculty member.

5. Appropriate safety equipment such as face shields, work gloves, respirators, etc. are to be worn at all times when working with appropriate tools or equipment.

6. No loose fitting clothing.

7. Close-toed shoes only.

8. Canvas covered boards and banding wheels are for in class work only. Any work stored on them will be removed.

9. There are carts for in progress work, Greenware, Bisqueware, ∆06 Glaze and ∆10 Glaze. Please place your work accordingly.

10. Students are required to provide their own personal clay working tools and some other materials that the lab does not provide. However many things are available such as ware boards, plaster bats, sponges, paddles, hand and power tools. If not sure what is available, please don't hesitate to ask.

11. Students are required to clean-up when they are done working and to always put things back where they were found.

12. Please do not hesitate to ask any staff member for assistance. We will be happy to answer questions.