The Ceramics Area includes a large throwing and handbuilding room, glaze room, kiln yard, clean room and tool closet.

Throwing / Hand Building Room

The main work area includes numerous works tables, a plaster wedging table and throwing wheels. The wheels can accomodate any throwing style, are made by manufacturers such as Lockerbie, Brent and Creative Industries. Additional equipment includes utility buckets, rulers, wooden mallets, plaster bats, cardboard tubes of various sizes, ware boards, canvas-covered boards, spray bottles and a variety of electric and manual shop tools. In addition, the studio provides premixed low-fire engobes and high-fire slips.

Glaze Room

The glaze room is stocked with prepared low fire and high fire glazes and oxides, dry glaze materials, spray guns, electric mixers, work tables, ware storage carts and electric kilns.

Kiln Yard

A large, covered outdoor kiln yard is suitable for year-round work and is well-lit for evening use. The yard houses a variety of gas-fired kilns that range from 6 cubic feet to a large car kiln. In addition, the kiln yard contains a walk-in spray booth, two slab rollers, plaster mold-making tables, an extruder, slip mixing equipment, a hand-cranked forklift, a hydraulic lift cart, and a variety of wheeled carts.

Clean Room

The Ceramics Area Clean Room is used for critiques, the ceramics area library and also houses A/V projection equipment.