Instructional Materials Fee
All students enrolled in Photography classes must pay an Instructional Materials Fee. This fee is quarterly, and allows you access to equipment rental, Black & White chemistry, photo studio and usage of tools and equipment related to the practice of all photo processes.

Beginning Photography | ART 11B -- $75
Studio, eight hours; five hours arranged. Fundamentals in technique, with emphasis on individual projects. Varied approaches, processes, and applications of the photographic medium within the context of art, supported by studies in theory, aesthetics, and history of photography. P/NP or letter grading.
Advanced Photography | ART 147 -- $100
Studio, eight hours; seven hours arranged. Requisite: course 11B. Selected projects in photography and related media, concentrating on development of individual students' artwork. Studio emphasis with special topics in theory and critical analysis. May be repeated for a maximum of 20 units. Letter grading.
Independent Projects | ART197 or 198 -- $100

Equipment Checkout:
With payment of an Instructional Material Fee students are able to borrow equipment for 1-2 days, or longer depending on project proposal and need. All equipment rentals are arranged through the Lab Supervisor during the hours of 9:30am - 4:30pm. Rentals are made by contract only, making the borrower responsible for safe return of all equipment. Available equipment includes: small, medium, and large format cameras; hot light kits; strobe light kits; tripods; cable releases; light meters; Polaroid cameras and backs; umbrellas and gels; and more. Please see the Photo Lab Supervisorfor the most up to date equipment inventory. For a list select of equipment, click here.

Photography Studio:
The Photography Studio is located in Room 1135. It is an empty white space designated for the production of photographic and video/film based works. Photo shoots should be scheduled during regular Photography Lab Hours. Reservations and arrangements should be discussed prior to your shoot dates with the Lab Supervisor. Please see the Lab Supervisor in 1101C to make reservations.The room includes a hot light kit, umbrellas, C-stands, sweep table-top, clamps, etc. Students are responsible for all equipment in the room. The room must not be altered in any way. Dimensions: 17'2" x 25'8" x 15'5"

Copy Stand & Slide Library:
The Copy Stand and Slide Library room is located in 1101B and is open during regular Photo Lab hours. The copy stand is complete with daylight balanced strobe kit and is suitable for photographing flat artworks up to 20" x24". It does not include a camera, but one is available for checkout. The Slide Library contains over 10,000 images organized by photographer’s name. It is available for reference only, but students may spend time browsing images on a light table or projector.

Digital Photography Lab

The Digital Photography Lab is equipped with seven 21" iMac computer stations with Photoshop CC 2017; two Epson V750M scanners, one V850pro, two Epson 10000 XL scanners; and, 2 Epson P800, 4880, and 7900 Inkjet Printer. All computers are connected to the Student File Server network in coordination with the Department of Art's Digital Studio.