Maegan Hill-Carroll's studio at graduate open studios, spring 2009

Five Things to See and Do in and around LA Handpicked by Associate Professor Silke Otto-Knapp

You See LA: Spring 2017
Posted 4-12-17

Undergraduate Juried Exhibition defies theme, showcases student art

The exhibition, which will run through March 2, includes short film pieces, photographs, paintings and sculptures that Sohrab Mohebbi, an associate curator for the Los Angeles art center REDCAT and this year's juror, arranged in the New Wight Gallery based on artistic medium and size.

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Posted 2-15-17

UCLA art scholarship winners exhibit works through variety of mediums

UCLA art faculty awarded the art department's Undergraduate Art Scholarship awards in spring to 28 student artists whose works range in medium from photography to ceramics to sculpture to film.

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Posted 11-16-16

New conference center showcases UCLA and its celebrated artists

The collection includes nearly 60 pieces created by artists who are alumni and faculty members.

UCLA Newsroom
Posted 10-13-16

UCLA prepares to move forward with new graduate art studios funded by Margo Leavin

The L.A. Times spoke to Lari Pittman and Margo Leavin about UCLA's plan for new graduate art studios.

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Posted 7-18-16

Margo Leavin donates $20 million to UCLA Arts to transform graduate art studios

Gift from renowned art dealer is the largest single gift made by an alumna to the arts in UC history.

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Posted 7-18-16

Graduate art student explores intersections of human, technology

New genres graduate student Nikita Gale created her masters' thesis based off her experiences with cars, technology and human interaction.

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Posted 4-14-16

UCLA graduate schools rank among top 15 in US

U.S. News & World Report listed rankings for schools in areas such as business, education and engineering. The UCLA School of Arts and Architecture tied for No. 2 among fine arts programs, and the David Geffen School of Medicine tied No. 6 among medical schools in primary care.

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Posted 3-16-16

Alumna showcases art worldwide, stays in LA for dynamic environment

The sights and sounds of Whitney Bedford's studio disappear. With her first brush strokes, the UCLA alumna is transported into the world of her artwork, where she said paint and her inner emotions intertwine and manifest themselves as one on a blank canvas.

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Posted 2-26-16

Graduate Open Studios provides space for innovative student art

Tucked away in the eastern corner of Culver City, the UCLA graduate art studios is a labyrinth, with every turn leading to another graduate student artist's atelier.

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Posted 5-28-15

Former UCLA professor, 'Urban Light' artist Chris Burden dies at 69

Former UCLA professor Chris Burden, the artist behind the iconic "Urban Light" exhibition at LACMA died Sunday.

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Posted 5-13-15

Graduate student questions media perception in thesis photography show

The perception of a quaint, traditional dining room in Carla Jay Harris' thesis exhibition is shattered by a closer look at the floral walpaper that lines the walls.

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Posted 5-1-15

Graduate students showcase works in second of MFA Exhibition series

A space expedition, a ceramic city, a superhero reinvention and a scene from the Israel-Palestine conflict comprise the second exhibition in the graduate students' series, MFA Exhibition No. 2.

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Posted 4-6-15

arTistic Attention: TA Nathan Zeidman turns to painting to engage with world

Masters of fine arts candidate Nathan Zeidman said he aligns his art medium with the Vincent Van Gogh quote, "The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting."

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Posted 3-12-15

Exhibit to showcase representative collections of graduate student art

Sixteen graduating master of fine arts students will transform the blank white walls and open spaces of the New Wight Gallery at the Broad Art Center with pieces ranging from photography, to drawings, to static objects and models.

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Posted 3-5-15

Graduating students explore diverse subjects in MFA 2015 Exhibition

Striking red on pale blue, the crying man depicted in graduate painting and drawing student Frank J. Stockton's "Just Super" is one of the many provocative pieces of artwork produced by graduating MFA students as part of their first exhibit.

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Posted 11-7-14

UCLA Department of Art staff displays work at exhibition 'GHOST SHIFT'

In 2004, the UCLA Department of Art displayed the works of its staff members for the very first time, beginning what would become a series of exhibitions linked by a common theme: The art department staff, no stranger to the daily handling of other artists' works, is actually comprised of artists too.

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Posted 9-2-14

UCLA alumna, artist Betye Saar talks everyday inspiration

Through her work composing multidimensional pieces of recycled objects, Betye Saar, an L.A. artist and UCLA alumna, is heralded by the Museum of Contemporary Art as one of today's greatest assemblage artists.

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Posted 2-26-14

Undergraduate Juried Exhibition showcased at Broad Art Center

Students with smart phones are likely to be familiar with QR codes, but one UCLA artist has tried a new approach to this technological symbol by transforming the code into a work of art.

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Posted 2-25-14

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