Instructional Materials Fee:
New Genres enrolled students are required to pay a $50 Instructional Materials Fee. This fee is quarterly, and allows you access to all equipment rentals, the Video Viewing room, NG Editing Suites, and usage of all tools and equipment related to New Genres classes. Students who are not enrolled in NG classes and wish to check out equipment will also need to pay this Instructional Materials Fee.

Equipment Checkout:
There is a 3-Day Checkout Monday to Thursday or 4-Day Checkout Thursday to Monday. Available equipment: Digital Video Cameras, HD Cameras, Digital Audio Recorders, Microphones, Lighting Kits, C-stands, and Green & Blue Screen. For your exhibitions we have Video Projectors, TV Monitors, DVD Players, media players, Speakers and Various Small Powertools. You can also reserve any of this equipment. Equipment Checkout and Return times are posted each quarter on the New Genres office door. *Please check the days and times clearly to avoid late penalties.
Returns - Mondays & Thursdays 10am - 1pm | Checkout - Mondays & Thursdays 2pm - 5pm
*Because of the disruption to the work of fellow students, multiple late returns in an academic year will result in the suspension of area resource privileges for the remainder of the year with no refund of fee.

New Genres Installation Spaces:
There are three New Genres Installation Spaces available to undergrads for two-week residencies. Each studio is approximately 10' x 12'. You may sign up to use these rooms at the beginning of each quarter. Sign up is done on a first come bases and you may not sign up twice in one quarter. Projects must be New Genres related but students do not have to be currently enrolled in a NG class to sign up. The Installation Spaces are "As Is" condition and should be kept clean and in relatively good condition. There are a few rules, which must be followed or you will lose your opportunity to use these rooms. Installation Spaces are rooms, 2138, 2140 & 2147, for more information about these spaces and rules stop by the NG office.

Video Resource & Viewing Rooms:
Our Video Resource Database has over 800 tapes available for students to checkout and view on campus in our "Video Viewing Room", room 2118. Our expanding collection contains video art tapes, artist documentaries, films, art documentation videos, and a few books. You can view our catalog of titles on the Video Resource Database computer in the New Genres office. The Video Viewing Room is open during office hours.

Animation Room:
The NG Animation Room is available for students to create 2-D and some 3-D stop-motion animations. The room is set up with a camera and records directly into a computer using iStopMotion software. Students who would like to use the room need to complete a tutorial with Julie or Helga, stop by the NG office or email us to schedule a tutorial.

New Genres Editing Suites - 2132 & 2136.
There are private video editing suites available for student use. NG Suite #1 & NG Suite #3 contains Adobe Creative Cloud Applications including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects Illustrator, Bridge,etc.. NG Suite #2 contains the same software and Pro Tools. These rooms are open for art students to use who feel comfortable working independently. Before you begin working in the editing suites you will need to see Deanna to go over the room rules and policies. You will also need to check out a key and you can sign up on the door for 1 - 4 hour blocks of time. * Students who would like to use the Pro Tools need to complete a tutorial with Deanna, stop by the NG office or email her to schedule a tutorial.

New Genres "Store" Offers:
CD, DAT (Digital Audio Tape), DVD, HDV tapes, Mini-discs, and Mini-DV tapes

New Genres Lab Supervisor:
Deanna Erdmann -